It is amazing just how many different areas can benefit from the input of a little magic. As an expert conjurer, with a doctorate in magic, Will offers unique skills as a consultant and advisor. Film and television credits include Martin Scorsese's Hugo and the BBC's Wolf Hall. Will has also worked on several radio programmes as well as using his magical knowledge to help with a range of other projects. Scroll down to find out more or use the links above to quickly find a particular project.


Martin Scorsese is renowned for his attention to detail and to guarentee that the magic in Hugo met his standards Will, alongside Paul Kieve, was hired as a consultant. His work included ensuring that the magic perfectly fitted the period in which the film was set and training the actors to perform various pieces of card conjuring. Will also supervised the filming of the magic scenes in Shepperton Studios, ensuring that all the magic looked as good as possible. The video above shows an interview that Will gave on Dutch television, during the Rotterdam Film Festival, featuring excerpts from the film and discussing the magic it contains.

Wolf Hall

The BBC wanted to ensure that everything about their adaptation of Hillary Mantel's Booker Prize winning novel, Wolf Hall, was accurate, so they hired Will to work on a character-defining scene in the first episode. His role involved advising on the printing of cards for use in the series, designing and choreographing a sleight of hand sequence, teaching the piece to Oscar award winning actor Mark Rylance and ensuring that everything went smoothly during filming on location. The series subsequently won a Golden Globe and two BAFTAs.


Will's unique perspective on the conjuring has led him to appear on numerous radio programmes discussing the history, culture and philosophy of magic. Stations that have featured his work include BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service and Absolute Radio.

Other Projects

The Victoria and Albert Museum, the Wellcome Trust and Chelsea College of Art have all called on Will's expertise to help them explore the connections between magic, medicine, art and crafts. He has helped the Royal Shakespeare company choreograph a pickpocketing sequence and worked with accountancy firm KPMG to deliver keynote talks as part of their management training programmes. He has also worked with numerous new and old media organisations, such as The Guardian, The Stage and The Independent on their articles and programmes and has even helped Grolsch develop the perfect way to open a swing top bottle!

The Grolsch Swingtop Perfect Serve creates a bit of theatre to the offering as well as a moment to be remembered by customers with a smile. - Henk-Jan Bakker: Travel Retail Manager

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